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My name is Tomi and I live with my wonderful husband and my two kids (my dogs!) in Ada, Ohio. I am currently doing student teaching and will be graduating in May 2012. I have decided to start a blog which I hope will follow me to my first teaching position. Being that I have little experience teaching, I have MANY questions so I might frequently ask the help of my followers!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Much happening, So little time!

Well, its that time again....Testing is in one week! Being a student teacher, I didnt think that I would be that concerned about testing but a lot has happened in the past few weeks. My co-op had to have knee surgery so she has been out for the last two weeks. There wasnt much time to figure out what to do so I had to plan for the following week in one day. Once I got through the first week and realized my teacher wouldnt be back, I had to figure out how to plan for the second. With testing so close I knew we needed to review and practice some OAA test questions. I ended up getting with another third grade teacher and got it planned for the week. It all worked out well.

Aside from the craziness of trying to prepare these kids for the test in two weeks and attempting to keep my sanity with the interesting crop of subs I was paired with, I am also hearing a lot of rumors and talk about job placements. Altough I dont have any idea of whether or not I will be good enough for the job, the other teachers and administrators seem to be happy with what I am doing which is great. I work so hard and it really is nice to hear all the wonderful compliments Ive been getting. The staff at this school is really supportive of the "newbies: as I call myself! :)

Not only have I been really busy with teaching and test prep but I also have this huge project due for my student teaching seminar class. This project has to be done in a week (yes, the same week as testing!) so I have been trying to work on that as well. This project is a requirement for graduation and if its not done perfectly, I dont get my degree! EESHK! Holy scariness batman! LOL

One last thing before I go, if you know of any good blogs for teaching fifth grade I would appreciate it! There is an opening at the school I am at and I want some more information to help me in case I am offered a position in a higher grade. Thanks blog followers for all your help!