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My name is Tomi and I live with my wonderful husband and my two kids (my dogs!) in Ada, Ohio. I am currently doing student teaching and will be graduating in May 2012. I have decided to start a blog which I hope will follow me to my first teaching position. Being that I have little experience teaching, I have MANY questions so I might frequently ask the help of my followers!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lesson Plans

I have created several different lesson plans throughout college and I wanted to add them here so others could use them. Some of the lessons I created are for early childhood students and range anywhere from Preschool through 3rd grade. Other lessons are geared toward 4th and 5th graders because I will be certified PreK-5 in Ohio. All of my lessons cover Ohio Standards but could probably easily be changed to fit other state standards. I will start posting some of the things I have finsihed but will add more as I get them. I know how much help lesson plans from other people have been for me and I just want to share in what I have done. Hope you enjoy what I have and feel free to change them and make them your own if you would like!

I also want to thank those of you who have commented with advice and encouragement so far. I am new to this but I am continually surprised and happy to see when others have commented on my blog! It really is the highlight of my day! Thanks so much!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Leadership vs. Management

Student teaching starts next week officially. I will be in a third grade classroom with OAAs (Ohio's Standardized Tests) right around the corner. I am anxious, scared, and excited all at the same time. This week in my student seminar class we have been discussing leadership. My question for today is: How do you LEAD your students in your classroom? How do you teach leadership? How do you MANAGE your classroom?

Any and all comments would be appreciated!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinterest...and A Second Question!

I have recently started "pinning" on Pinterest. I am addicted already! I had no idea how many talented people there are in the world. Of course, as many others, I wanted to try my hand at creating something I saw on Pinterest. I have created a lesson plan book to use during student teaching. I will be starting to teach in a few weeks and couldn't be more excited! Which leads me to this thought: What are some people so...PESSIMISTIC?? I've been working at a small hotel working my way through school for the past three years. I have worked hard to accomplish what I have and I don't mind others doing the same. Someone who recently started working for the hotel also has an education degree and was ever so willing to tell me how I am wasting my time. She went on to say that she worked at a school for three years and she was "let go" due to budget constraints. I understand that you have had a hard time of it and I sympathize with you, but why do you have to bring me down in the process??? She then went on to say that she thought early childhood teachers were "the worst" about sharing ideas and were often times "catty" with one another. SERIOUSLY?! I cant believe you would even suggest that? The teachers that I have met have all been super helpful and willing to share all their secrets! I certainly hope that I can keep my enthusiasm and avoid negativity like this in the future!

SO, enough about me...I want to try to ask another question...How do you start your first weeks of school? What kinds of routines do you set for your students? How "strict" do you find you need to be in order to establish these routines? What is one secret that you can share with me? ANY AND ALL HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SO MANY QUESTIONS.....Do you have any answers??

Being that I am still student teaching, I have had little experience teaching on my own. The program that I am involved in at my University doesn't give us the chance to be out in a classroom on the first day of school. In short, I am FREAKING OUT that I haven't seen how to set up a classroom before. This leads me to my first question....How do you set up your classroom on the first day? Any and all help I can get would be appreciated! Please help a first year out!! (=

If there is anyone who could take time to answer this question in the comment below I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks! Tomi